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Deck the Halls- It’s Time to Prepare for a Programmatic Holiday Season

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By Jaan Janes, VP, Publisher Partnerships
October 14, 2020

This year’s holiday season promises to be one of the more interesting for consumers, advertisers, retailers and frankly, all of us. The past several months have brought new challenges, and PubMatic’s publisher customers have asked for solutions, insights and optimizations to navigate through an ever-changing environment. We have gathered together some suggested best practices to help publishers optimize revenue and thrive in the holiday season ahead. 

A few key points on our Q4 Holiday Tune Up checklist for publishers:

  • Check your buyer list twice– Is your inventory set up for success in key, high-spend categories?  Look at your category blocks and re-evaluate whether it makes sense to implement changes across your integrations, particularly in the political and shopping categories as we head toward election day and the holiday season.  If you have concerns around advertiser quality for political ads, consider only allowing ads with a landing page URL to an official candidate site. 
  • Finding the perfect match–  Now is an ideal time to get  your match rate house in order.  Draw more interest to your audience by enhancing inventory with identity partners. You may enjoy higher spend and increased match rates because identity solutions should give your demand partners more confidence. Plug into solutions like Identity Hub with the goal of increasing  your revenue and buyer campaign performance.   
  • Put a bow on that inventory –Be sure you’re surfacing the right inventory for a new 2020 holiday marketplace. Trends have shown electronics, food and drink, sports, and fashion & style content verticals getting robust interest from advertisers. Do you have mobile, video or OTT/CTV inventory that still has room to grow? Buyers are looking for flexible programmatic options in times of change. Consider packaging content into “gift guides” for buyers to target in-market shoppers.   

Be sure to download the full Q4 Holiday Tune Up guide, with all of the tips and tricks to boost your monetization. I think the checklist will be the gift that keeps on giving – this holiday season and all year long.