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‘Tis the Season to Maximize Holiday Advertising Revenue

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By Jaan Janes, VP, Publisher Partnerships
October 12, 2021

There are officially 45 days until Black Friday, so preparations for the 2021 holiday season are already well underway by retailers, advertisers and maybe even some enthusiastic consumers.

Consumer spending is projected to be up about 8% to $1.3 trillion overall this year, so there’s arguably more at stake for brands than ever before as they vie to position themselves for maximum exposure.

As a result, publishers have an opportunity to capitalize with their digital inventory. Today, PubMatic has released a new Q4 holiday tune-up guide to ensure these platforms are ready for ad buyers with holiday dollars to spend. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

Who is Santa, really?

Third-party cookies got a stay of execution until 2023, but the time to be thinking about alternative identity solutions is now. Not only do they help publishers learn about identity management, they can drive incremental ad spend during the holidays and beyond.

You get a gift! You get a gift! You get a gift!

Speaking of data, if you have content that typically sells out, capitalize even further with an audience extension strategy that allows advertisers to target your viewers on other platforms. (Hint: PubMatic’s Connect solution can help.) Data is the gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t be the (greedy) Grinch that stole Christmas

Instead, set fair pricing floors to help cultivate buyer interest—and ensure they return next year.

You’ve made your list—check it twice

They say the only constant is change—and that’s certainly true of your block lists. Look no further than sports betting. As this once illicit category goes mainstream, you could be missing out on new revenue opportunities. (This is also a good reminder to periodically review those lists to ensure you haven’t blocked other potentially lucrative opportunities as time goes on.)


Finally, supply chain optimization, or SPO, is a recent trend helping to make things more efficient for buyers – and to help maximize opportunities for publishers. Some SSPs are making big strides in this area, with important deals with major advertisers. If you’re not sure what’s going on with SPO at your SSP, just ask.

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