PRESS RELEASE April 10, 2024
With one of the most robust virtual economies in the world, the expansion of Roblox’s advertising business will enable seamless access to this community and allow brands to activate on the platform without creating custom-built content.

PRESS RELEASE April 3, 2024
PubMatic will Reach Instacart’s Purchase-Minded Audiences Through Integration for Agency and Advertising Partners’ CTV Campaigns

PRESS RELEASE March 28, 2024
This strategic move aims to propel the company’s growth trajectory by enhancing technological innovation, strengthening client relationships, and expanding market reach.

PRESS RELEASE March 27, 2024
PubMatic is focused on enhancing the efficiency of its technology platform and operations; reducing total capex in 2023 by more than 70% over 2022 through infrastructure optimization initiatives.

PRESS RELEASE March 26, 2024
Since joining PubMatic in 2021, Aihara has been responsible for building strong relationships with leading advertisers and agencies in Japan and driving supply path optimization (SPO) partnerships with ADK and Intimate Merger.