PRESS RELEASE May 15, 2019
PubMatic, the publisher-centric sell-side platform (SSP) for an open digital media future, released its first Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) of 2019.

PubMatic announces it has appointed Ekkehardt Schlottbohm as Regional Director for Central Europe.

PRESS RELEASE April 10, 2019
PubMatic announces it is working with Gameloft, a leader in the development and publishing of mobile games, to help marketers take full advantage of in-app advertising opportunities.

PRESS RELEASE February 21, 2019
PubMatic announces the launch of OpenBid, a breakthrough programmatic-first solution that provides app publishers and developers with a gateway to programmatic demand and brand ad budgets.

PRESS RELEASE February 19, 2019
PubMatic released its fourth Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) of 2018 highlighting key trends in mobile in-app monetization to aid publishers and advertisers.