PRESS RELEASE June 12, 2024
PubMatic’s strategic supply path optimisation (SPO) relationships, scale in demand, and advanced programmatic trading capabilities enable Smartstream to help advertisers unlock new opportunities across its expansive high-quality CTV and OLV inventory.

PRESS RELEASE June 4, 2024
Warne has been with PubMatic for seven years. During this time, she has built strong relationships across the regional agencies, greatly strengthening PubMatic’s position in the market. She has also been pivotal in developing the region’s supply path optimization (SPO) strategy and instrumental in securing initial deals.

PRESS RELEASE May 13, 2024
Loofe has over 10 years of experience in media and advertising across various roles in agency, publisher and AdTech.

The integration with PubMatic provides Klarna with scaled access to demand via whichever demand-side platform (DSP) a buyer is working with on both a self-serve and managed service basis.

PRESS RELEASE April 30, 2024
Commissioned by Inside Retail and conducted by PubMatic, 500 Australian shoppers were surveyed in March 2024 to help retailers and advertisers understand how consumers engage with, and respond to, advertising across different types of media.