IN THE NEWS May 28, 2020
There is a new urgency to lower costs and increase transparency in ad tech, and what might have happened in three years, may happen instead in three to six months.

IN THE NEWS May 27, 2020
Advertisers have shifted to mobile private marketplaces for programmatic advertising during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, according to data from digital advertising company PubMatic.

IN THE NEWS May 27, 2020
When Google announced earlier this year that it would be phasing out the use of third-party cookies in Chrome within two years – following similar moves by Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari – it heralded in a new era of digital advertising.

IN THE NEWS May 22, 2020
Despite the overwhelming popularity of apps among consumers, and the gradual shift in ad spend, there is still a lot of wariness from media buyers when it comes to in-app.

IN THE NEWS May 21, 2020
Due to the pandemic, mobile ad spend reached 51% by the end of the first quarter. That’s according to the programmatic ad specialists at PubMatic, which based their findings on an analysis of trillions of bids during the period.