IN THE NEWS November 11, 2019
Facebook and Google will always exist but that doesn’t mean adtech vendors can’t compete with them, says PubMatic global VP of video Jonas Olsen

IN THE NEWS November 7, 2019
Learn how PubMatic negotiates buyer SPO deals that work for buyers and why our stategy of negotiating these deals is good for publishers.

IN THE NEWS October 31, 2019
When conducting programmatic buying in Japan, it is crucial to consider which is the most effective way to reach your target audience.

IN THE NEWS October 30, 2019
Of all the issues dominating adtech discussions, trust and transparency are two that most concern buyers. Ultimately, it’s about overall industry trust.

IN THE NEWS October 29, 2019
Is the future of advertising going to involve programmatic and the mobile screen? For Asia, the answer is a resounding yes, says Joelle Siew.