PubMatic Community: Where Collaboration Becomes Knowledge

Post on November 16, 2017 by Catherine Racette

Catherine Racette Senior Manager, Technical Writing and Community Education

Online communities provide a place for members with common needs to access relevant content, discuss issues, ask questions, and share ideas. Using a customer community can instantly expand your resources to get the job done and increase your efficiency. With a customer community at your fingertips, a team of one can feel like a team of many.

Members of a customer community benefit from each other’s contributions. Can you recall a time when one person asked a question in a room full of people and ten others nodded their heads in agreement because they had the same question?

When the question is answered, the room is satisfied. But if that same question-and-answer exchange occurred in an online community, not only would those engaged in the discussion benefit in real-time, others who search the community site months or years later will also gain value from that answer. In effect, collaboration becomes knowledge.

To open up the benefits to all of our partners and clients, PubMatic recently launched its customer community site.

Why did we launch a customer community site?

PubMatic considers itself successful only when our customers are successful. We focus on helping publishers maximize revenue and improve quality. As part of our core values, we treat our customers as partners and work together to be successful. Our recently launched community expands how we can help our partners reach their goals and support their efforts along the way.

The community site aligns with our longstanding commitment to transparency and finding ways to tackle issues impacting our industry. Along with events such as PubAcademy, where we have meaningful discussions with publishers and buyers, the customer community extends these discussions and idea-sharing online for lasting impact.

What’s new and what’s next?

The first launch of our customer community site offers a centralized place for PubMatic customers to retrieve relevant and up-to-date content. This includes platform help and product updates, allowing our partners to be informed in real-time.

We want to provide our customers with the information they need, when they need it, giving them more control over their experience. This preliminary launch is the foundation to build on additional content types and expanded engagement.

What’s new?

Browse or search content on the community to find:

  • PubMatic product and solution help and best practice documentation
  • Product updates to learn about new features and enhancements that can help improve daily workflow
  • Developer Community with API documentation, integration guides and our recently updated SDK documentation
  • Links to the latest in PubMatic digital advertising case studies, digital marketing reports and blog posts

What’s next?

  • Engagement through discussions, asking questions, sharing best practices and ideas
  • Video demos for platform features, as well as recorded interviews and talks about industry topics of interest
  • Expanded developer community documentation

While our Customer Success team will continue to assist with strategy and execution, the PubMatic community site will expand how our customers learn and engage. Whether simply viewing content or becoming an active contributor, our goal is to provide our customers with valuable and relevant resources. All available at the click of a button. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and opportunities ahead.

To access the PubMatic community site, open  or click any help-link in the PubMatic platform.