Faster, Better Insights with Accelerated Analytics

Post on August 11, 2021 by Chandni Patel

Chandni Patel PubMatic Author
Chandni Patel Director, Product Management, Analytics

Programmatic moves at the speed of light and you shouldn’t have to sit around waiting for insights. PubMatic is launching data and analytics enhancements to help our publisher and advertiser customers find new programmatic efficiencies and get more value from our partnership.

We have grown our data analytics platform over the years –accelerating processing and increasing storage capacity — to keep pace with our customers’ business needs. This will continue as we set new records for daily ad impressions and advertiser bids processed by our highly efficient global infrastructure.

PubMatic’s partners rely on us for accurate and robust analytics to make their day-to-day decisions about optimizing and maximizing programmatic revenue. The need to innovate is paramount, to enable this growing number of partners, omnichannel product offerings, and the dramatic increase in bid requests via header bidding. As well, our customers require that data be available faster to further optimize ROI.

Here is a look at some of the areas in which we are investing to help our customers meet their goals:

New Sampling Solution

There are more trends and insights that publishers and advertisers want to derive from data beyond what is covered in standard reports provided by most supply-side platforms (SSPs). Take, for example, the need to understand identity coverage or estimate avails for media planning. To address this, we built a new sampling framework which looks at a subset of data and gives powerful, meaningful insights for a larger data set.

It can be extremely costly and impractical to study an entire population. However, it can be effective to identify an appropriate subset of a population and extrapolate insights for the overall population. This has freed up capacity on our platform, allowing us to support many more data points, driving further monetization for publishers. We are now extending this to publisher reporting in phases and expect this change to drive directional decision-making and trend analysis.

Extracting Insights with Sampled Data

Let’s assume you wanted to identify how many bid requests are going to a demand-side platform (DSP) and the bid response rate for those requests. These metrics are used primarily for trend analysis to understand whether a DSP is bidding or not, and whether the DSP’s bid rate is healthy. You can gather these insights by extracting an appropriate subset of complete data, which, when extrapolated, will be very close to the actual numbers.

If there is a need for additional data for troubleshooting purposes, your PubMatic representative can pull ad-hoc reports with all the data within a specific duration.

Monetization data, such as spend, eCPM, and paid impressions will continue to be reported based on all data, as these analytics require precision during decision making and for billing purposes.

By utilizing sampling, we plan to enhance transparency by supporting new data tools and innovative insights to help improve monetization efforts for publishers and help buyers’ media dollars stretch further.

Expedited data delivery

Publishers and buyers need to quickly understand what is happening with their campaigns. We have built tools like real-time analytics to give you visibility into your monetization metrics within minutes. As we achieve greater capacity on our platform, we will enhance these offerings further, providing more in-depth and timely knowledge of your account’s health and impression funnel. Key KPIs will be available much sooner than standard SLA.

More data points – Next level of data Insight

As adtech continues to evolve, we need to keep analytics relevant. To achieve this, we constantly monitor adtech trends and data usage patterns. Consequently, we add new data points that make sense and deprecate those that are outdated to ensure the best coverage.

For our publisher partners, we have recently added new data points to support our growing video, CTV, OpenWrap, and Identity Hub products. These include Identity Hub and DSP partner reports, placement type for video, viewability metrics, and video error, geo, and ad unit for OpenWrap. These data points give our clients in-depth performance visibility, while highlighting further monetization opportunities. Our funnel reporting feature gives publishers unique visibility into a PubMatic auction on one page. Additionally, Identity Hub publishers can access detailed reports on partner coverage and the performance of different partners on various DSPs, among other options.

For our advertiser customers, there are new features as well. The Inventory Discovery Tool makes media planning easy by giving visibility into the available impressions and the price across many data points. Additionally, our easy-to-use analytics interface gives agencies the autonomy to pull data across all their seats at once to obtain a holistic picture of their campaign performance.

If you would like additional info about our new analytics features and how they can benefit your business, please reach out to your PubMatic representative.