OpenWrap extends the most widely used open-source container script, Prebid.js, to solve publishers’ need to balance the transparent access to the broadest demand partners with the enterprise management capabilities and dedicated support required to efficiently increase ad revenue, all at no additional cost!

  • Hybrid Solution: Maintain and grow monetization with your current client-side header bidding demand while preparing for your future monetization strategies as demand migrates to server-side within one solution
  • Controls and Insight: Optimize your header integrations with enterprise-level management tools, centralized reporting on all header bidding adapters, and a powerful UI for easy configuration without complex backend coding
  • Ad Format Support: With new emerging ad formats, publishers need to be able to accept demand for the ad types advertisers are looking for. With a single solution, OpenWrap supports the most ad formats today and is continuing to innovate for the future
  • Unparalleled Demand: Access the broadest set of header bidding adapters and hundreds of DSPs with the most widely adopted container script, Prebid.js
  • Open-source Core: Ensure auction fairness, transparency and the most up-to-date code with the industry-leading open-source container script


Our header bidding solution gives publishers the power to escape the auction waterfall and unify demand sources to increase competition on an impression-by-impression basis. All publishers can save time with the quick and easy-to-implement tools available in our intuitive UI and leverage PubMatic’s industry-leading real-time analytics, which provides the volume, latency and monetization metrics that publishers need to maximize their header bidding strategies effectively.


PubMatic’s OpenWrap SDK brings the benefits of a unified auction and advanced deal models to app developers to capture the true value of their inventory. Our low-latency, high-performing SDK provides app developers with quick integration and a lightweight in-app header bidding solution that requires minimal development resources, with support for the most popular IAB standard banner sizes, interstitials, and support for MRAID 3.

Programmatic is the future of digital advertising, and header bidding is a critical part of how we get there. We’re working closely with PubMatic to not only take back control of our inventory management capabilities, but also determine accurate ‘market prices’ for our inventory, effectively resetting the digital currency as we know it.




Times Internet’s Header Bidding Wrapper Solution

Times Internet Limited (TIL) was looking to drive yield and performance by using a wrapper tag to better leverage header bidding for its programmatic demand. After evaluating several options on the market, TIL implemented PubMatic OpenWrap to manage its header bidding demand partners. In its first full quarter of implementation in H2 2016, PubMatic OpenWrap led to a 69% increase in CPM compared to the overall site average.


Understanding Auction Dynamics: A Primer

As brand spend and premium content proliferate the programmatic space, themes of transparency have risen to the forefront of the conversation around programmatic. At its core is the need for understanding and control, particularly around how auctions work. Auction dynamics refers to the forces that affect the price paid when impressions are sold.


How To Future-Enable Your Header Bidding Wrapper Strategy

Header bidding and wrapper solutions arose to offer publishers a more open and flexible alternative to the closed and rigid waterfall set-up used in programmatic strategies. The phrase “democratization of inventory” is commonly used to describe the effect the technology has had on expanding access to demand sources at the impression level. However, the complexities of the landscape have forced publishers to make compromises when it comes to their header bidding strategies, hampering their ability to effectively prepare for an ever-evolving future. That is about to change.