How PubMatic’s Header Bidding Technology Helped an Entertainment and News Media Company Increase CPMs by 50%

Post on April 28, 2016 by PubMatic


The Story Behind the Success

A leading entertainment and news web property was in search of a reliable programmatic partner that could increase its fill rates and CPMs to maximize yield. At the time, header bidding was still a new technology that had not yet gained mainstream traction. The publisher partnered with PubMatic to leverage its Decision Manager header bidding product to gain an edge on the publisher’s competitors, in its ad sales efforts.

PubMatic developed a strategy to address the publisher’s pain points resulting in enhanced monetization of their digital assets.

“With PubMatic, we found a trusted technology partner with superior programmatic strategies that is well-known and respected. Since our initial integration, we have experienced a true partnership with PubMatic. They have worked with us every step of the way to ensure we were pacing toward our goals and reaching the greatest value of our inventory.”

– Publisher’s VP of Engineering  

A Tailored Approach

PubMatic has quickly become one of publisher’s top partners, because of both the company’s excellent customer service and its support in growing the publisher’s programmatic business. Throughout onboarding and implementation, PubMatic adopted a consultative approach. PubMatic account managers made necessary and regular adjustments to how the publisher’s inventory is represented based on seasonality and market trends. These changes have helped this publisher redefine how it prioritizes its direct and indirect ad inventory value and has earned a higher yield on its ad slots across all partners.

Success by the Numbers

Since integrating with PubMatic’s Decision Manager, the publisher has seen a 50% increase in average CPM and daily revenue increase between 9X – 16X on PubMatic’s platform.


These increases were driven by multiple factors including a strong cookie match rate, high interest of buyers in the quality of inventory and the robust support within PubMatic’s platform. Header bidding provides a unified view of sales channels on an impression-by-impression basis, thereby resulting in increased competition amongst buyers. The combination of higher CPMs with significantly higher volume has allowed the publisher to better realize the full value of its digital assets. 

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