PubMatic Joins IAB Finland and INMA Norway

Post on April 21, 2022 by Thomas Munck

Thomas Munck Director, Advertiser Solutions Northern Europe

PubMatic joined the trade associations in the Nordics region – IAB Finland and INMA Norway as part of its continued expansion.

PubMatic’s strong Nordic team, based in Stockholm, is responsible for supporting regional clients from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway as well as global clients in developing strategic local marketing campaigns. The team is led by Ekkehardt Schlottbohm, Regional Vice President, Central & Northern Europe.

As a member of IAB Finland and INMA Norway, PubMatic will play a significant role in driving innovation as well as helping to develop the standards and guidelines required for further growth. PubMatic has always recognised that advertisers and publishers benefit from local expertise as well as global experience. By increasing its presence in the market and joining these key trade organisations PubMatic are better able to facilitate knowledge sharing, education, and collaboration to ensure brands have access to premium, brand safe advertising. From a sell-side perspective, PubMatic offers to the market solutions that enable publishers and connected TV (CTV) broadcasters to better meet the demands of the buy-side and maximise revenue.

“PubMatic has experienced strong growth across the Nordic region with numerous brands, publishers, and broadcasters choosing our supply media management solutions to include Media Buyers Console, Audience Addressability Suite and OpenWrap solutions to improve local media trading. We are excited to join IAB Finland and INMA Norway and look forward to further collaborating with other member companies to further the development of the industry,” said Ekkehardt Schlottbohm, Regional Vice President, Central & Northern Europe, PubMatic. “It is PubMatic’s strong belief that these initiatives will enable us to best serve our expanding set of customers in the Nordic region”.

“We’re delighted that PubMatic has joined IAB Finland and look forward to welcoming the team into our working groups. PubMatic’s commitment to providing advertising solutions that are tailored to local advertisers, publishers, and broadcasters will help grow the online advertising industry in Finland,” said Pasi Raassina, Managing Director, IAB Finland.

“PubMatic is a strong addition to INMA Norway bringing a wealth of local experience and highly respected thought leaders to help spur innovation in our region,” said Camilla Grund, CEO INMA – IAB Norway. “The advertising industry in Norway has experienced strong growth over the past year, and PubMatic has shown significant commitment to supporting our local advertisers, publishers, and broadcasters”.