PubMatic Announces New Enhancements of Identity Hub

Post on August 13, 2020 by Ranee Soundara

Ranee Soundara VP, Product Marketing

PubMatic has announced new enhancements of Identity Hub, the first globally scaled identity management solution that sets the market standard. This includes expanded and new integrations with LiveRamp, Britepool and ID5 — now supporting more than 10 ID partners. 

Looking to get great scale and reach beyond the borders of the walled gardens? No worries. Identity Hub provides advertisers with premium publisher alternatives, and publishers using it offer increased buyer choice and publisher fill rates as well as 3X the lift in bid rate, match rate, and addressability. 

Any publisher that wants to monetize inventory programmatically, can use Identity Hub to activate up to 10+ leading ID solutions. With simple interoperability and multiple wrappers, publishers who use Prebid or OpenWrap wrappers can control ID partner selection and integration and activate new identity partners in a few simple clicks, thereby obviating expensive development costs. Particularly attractive to publishers are the analytics and reporting capabilities, which enable measurement and understanding of partner IDs and their impact on monetization. The combination of Identity Hub and OpenWrap gives publishers a future-proofed header bidding and identity solution with greater efficiency and revenue opportunities.

Identity Hub already is gaining momentum: more than 75 global publishers have adopted it, including, across 20 countries worldwide.

The advantages for buyers are clear as well. When OpenWrap publishers have Identity Hub activated, advertisers can reach target audiences through their demand-side partners (DSPs); and immediately realize the benefits by significantly increasing reach, contextual relevance, and ultimately, campaign ROI.