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PubMatic Enhances Identity Hub with Expanded LiveRamp Partnership

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By Ranee Soundara, VP, Product Marketing
August 4, 2020

PubMatic’s Identity Hub is quickly becoming the market standard for publishers looking to seamlessly manage multiple identity solutions and maximize revenue. To further scale our solutions for publisher and media buying partners, we have expanded our partnership with LiveRamp, a leading data connectivity platform. The global integration, accessible via Identity Hub, is another step in delivering high performance to demand-side platforms (DSPs) and advertisers without a reliance on third-party cookies, and will improve inventory monetization for publishers.

This marks further momentum in PubMatic’s mission to bring superior revenue to publishers and enable advertisers to increase ROI by reaching and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, premium environments at scale.

At the heart of this partnership is the safety, transparency, effectiveness, and consumer privacy compliance that LiveRamp provides for data connectivity and identity resolution–the assignment of universal IDs to customers across the web that will supplant cookies while being privacy-regulation compliant.

PubMatic and LiveRamp will enable different parties in the programmatic ad-sales ecosystem to collaborate seamlessly and safely to make consumer interactions relevant, addressable, and measurable.

The expanded partnership between PubMatic and LiveRamp enables publishers to implement LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), seamlessly connecting their inventory with LiveRamp’s identifier across web and soon, mobile apps and CTV. This functionality is accessible through Identity Hub, and can be deployed standalone, or within PubMatic’s Prebid-powered header bidding solution, OpenWrap. 

Identity Hub provides publishers and buyers the ability to transact programmatically using their preferred identity providers and has been adopted by a growing number of publishers worldwide. PubMatic has partnered with identity providers to help publishers and demand partners navigate the rapidly evolving identity landscape and evaluate the emerging solutions as the ad tech ecosystem evolves, while ensuring user privacy and user choice. 

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