It’s Time To Demand More From Your Header Bidding Solution

Post on September 2, 2020 by Steven Rahman

Steven Rahman Director, Product Marketing

Programmatic marketplace challenges have led smart publishers to seek agile, efficient solutions to grow monetization and prepare for what’s to come. Header bidding has answered that call, helping publishers scale demand effectively through server-side bidding, adding incremental revenue and boosting demand while maintaining quality and addressing latency concerns. PubMatic has just introduced a new guide to help publishers demand more from their header bidding provider.

Header bidding evolved as an answer to inefficient waterfall monetization. Wrapper solutions were the next stage in that evolution, helping publishers benefit from several header bidding solutions at the same time, making it easier to manage and alter tags to minimize operational overhead. Solutions like PubMatic’s OpenWrap provide publishers with the benefits of building on Prebid: the foundation and industry standard for transparency and fairness.

Our new guide highlights the pros and cons of deploying different wrappers:

  • Client-side wrapper. Tags that make multiple asynchronous calls to demand sources directly from the browser.
  • Server-side wrapper (S2S). A tag that make a single call to an SSP, server to server. The SSP’s server then calls each demand source.
  • Hybrid wrapper. A solution that lets publishers toggle across client-side and server-side solutions using a single tag.

It is also important to consider whether a solution is built on open source or provides enterprise-level support; whether it easily integrates with preferred identity partners; if it is controlled with a well-designed user interface that provides control and easy reporting; and if the wrapper is omnichannel, supporting monetization across all formats.

The guide also explores recent transformations in header bidding such as:

  • New technology frameworks that have improved efficiency.
  • The emergence of more sources of demand from server-to-server (S2S) integrations.
  • Wider in-app adoption, driving S2S demand and enabling more mobile-app developers to benefit from simultaneous unified auctions.
  • The growth of OTT header bidding, helping publishers respond to real-time changes in viewer behaviors and creating opportunities to boost demand.
  • Improved targeting and greater revenue opportunities through integrations with preferred identity partners.

You’ll also benefit from the insights of a case study we present of a publisher that combined OpenWrap and Identity Hub, PubMatic’s identity resolution product, to achieve remarkable results.

To learn more about header bidding and how you can improve monetization, download the guide here.