REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Premium digital advertising technology company, PubMatic, today released the findings of its third Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI), highlighting three key Q3 2019 trends. The report provides both advertisers and publishers with insights around mobile advertising, leading to smarter programmatic strategies and future mobile opportunities.

In the latest report, the findings showcase the effects that the massive growth in mobile ad buying has ushered, bringing in the newest era of mobile programmatic advertising. PubMatic’s Q3 2019 QMI report reveals the following top three trends to watch:

  • The Next Wave of Mobile Advertising is Here. Ad monetization growth within mobile advertising will now come from more time spent on new formats, as the critical mass of mobile users focuses less on programmatic practices.
  • The Honeymoon Phase for Video and Mobile Isn’t Over, and the Industry is Expanding Around them. Mobile video continues to be the fastest growing format across all environments, with inventory increasing 31% over last quarter, with the expectation that spend will increase proportionally.
  • Mobile Header Bidding Has Finally Evolved as a Standard Industry Practice. Header bidding is spurring further mobile ad monetization, which accounted for more than half of header bidding transactions in Q3 2019, a dramatic rise from 41% last quarter.

As mobile continues to see double digit growth, despite already maintaining market dominance, the programmatic practices being done in developed markets has created more prosperity among emerging markets. Based on PubMatic’s research, mobile ad platform spending continued to grow aggressively in Q3, rising 28% over last quarter, while desktop ad platform spending declined slightly over the same period. In this new era of programmatic mobile advertising, mobile-first economies can expect even faster adoption than with developed markets.

“Mobile’s continued growth is most definitely spurred by its symbiotic relationship with video and our research is aligned with industry trends, calling for continued expansion over the next 18 months,” said Paulina Klimenko, SVP, Corporate Development and GM, Mobile at PubMatic. “Video ads create incremental value to publisher revenues, and mobile is the preferred platform for consumption. Ensuring a strong mobile video monetization partner requires a holistic look at capabilities across reporting, quality tools, unique demand, and having the integration flexibility that fits in the short and long-term goals.”

Video advertising’s growth isn’t the only example of mobile’s reach — it’s led to header bidding completely reshaping programmatic advertising, creating a new industry standard. Thanks to industry initiatives like app-ads.txt to eliminate fraud and the high pace of mobile development, header bidding is finally expanding into the app environment. This has spurred even more mobile ad monetization, which accounted for more than half of header bidding transactions in Q3 2019, a dramatic increase from 41% in the previous quarter.

Download the full Q3 2019 Quarterly Mobile Index Report here.

QMI Methodology

PubMatic’s yield and data analytics team analyzes over 13 trillion advertiser bids on a monthly basis, utilizing the company’s best-in-class analytics capabilities. The Q2 2019 QMI incorporates impressions, revenue and eCPM data from these reports to provide a high-level analysis of key trends within the mobile advertising industry. Analysis is based on PubMatic-sourced data except as noted. Percentages in some figures may not sum to 100% due to rounding. “Monetized impressions” or “paid impressions” are defined as impressions that were sold through the PubMatic platform, and “eCPM” is defined as the cost per one thousand impressions. Disclaimer: This QMI may include inaccuracies or typographical errors, and is based on operational data that has not been audited or reviewed by a third party. It may contain forward-looking statements about future results and other events that have not yet occurred. Actual results may differ materially from PubMatic’s expressed expectations due to future risks and uncertainties, and past performance or trends are no guarantee of future results. PubMatic does not intend to update the information contained in this QMI if any information or statement contained herein later turns out to be inaccurate.