PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) Q3 2019

Every quarter, our team analyzes over 13 trillion advertiser bids flowing each month through PubMatic’s platform. This allows us to observe real-time trends in the mobile space that may allude to broader digital industry trends. We then compare this information to other published data to further understand changes in the mobile landscape. The result is our Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) with actionable data and insights to influence media planning, inventory packaging and important insights for marketers.

PubMatic released its Q3 2019 Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI), highlighting these key trends and insights in mobile advertising. This quarter’s report findings showcase the effects that the massive growth in mobile ad buying has ushered, bringing in the newest era of mobile programmatic advertising.

Based upon analysis of over 13 trillion advertiser bids flowing through PubMatic’s platform each month, three notable trends include:

  • Ad monetization growth within mobile advertising will now come from more time spent on new formats, as the critical mass of mobile users focuses less on programmatic practices.
  • Mobile video continues to be the fastest growing format across all environments, with inventory increasing 31% over last quarter, with the expectation that spend will increase proportionally.
  • Header bidding is spurring further mobile ad monetization, which accounted for more than half of header bidding transactions in Q3 2019, a dramatic rise from 41% last quarter.

Gain additional helpful statistics, analysis and future implications by downloading the complete Q3 2019 Quarterly Mobile Index now.