How Video Player Bidding & Multiple Wrapper Integrations Increase Publisher Yield

Post on March 19, 2019 by Jeff Hirsch

Jeff Hirsch Chief Commercial Officer

One could argue that no technology has disrupted the digital advertising industry as radically as header bidding. The speed at which it is now impacting highly sought after video inventory is blinding. By offering an alternative to the waterfall, unified auctions are penetrating the programmatic video marketplace, providing publishers with the same yield improvements that have become commonplace for display inventory. PubMatic is committed to making video monetization easier for our publishers.

Propelling programmatic video to its efficient and lucrative future, a handful of video header bidding technologies will help unlock tremendous potential for premium publishers. We are excited to partner with JW Player in support of their Video Player Bidding solution.

The Value of Multiple-Integrations

On March 19, JW Player announced an expansion of its Video Player Bidding offering, with PubMatic as one the four advertising partners now integrated with the solution. The announcement furthers PubMatic’s commitment to offer our clients with flexible, multi-integration header bidding solutions and to empower publishers to monetize their video inventory via the platform of their choice.

Now, in addition to PubMatic’s OpenWrap product and our existing integrations with Google Exchange Bidding, Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) and Prebid.js, publishers will be able access our premium video demand via JW Player’s Video Player Bidding solution. Additionally, the hundreds of thousands of media companies and content creators that rely on JW Player will be able to maximize their yield by tapping into PubMatic’s global demand.

Maximize Your Video Yield

Similar to with display, we have found that implementing both a client-side video header bidding solution (such as JW Player’s Video Player Bidding) and a server-side solution (such as OpenWrap or Exchange Bidding) produces the best results.

For display, multiple integrations can generate up to double revenue and 30-50% lifts in eCPMs. Can you imagine the financial impact of similar results for video?

Want to get started?

PubMatic’s integration with JW Player is currently available for select clients, by invitation only. If you would like to be considered for the Video Player Bidding beta program, reach out to us for more information. To learn additional ways you can drive yield for your video inventory, visit our solutions page or contact us.