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DMEXCO 2019: Omnichannel, Video, and Identity

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By Jeff Hirsch, Chief Commercial Officer
September 17, 2019

Another September, another DMEXCO. This remains one of the top ad tech related events in EMEA. PubMatic held over 183 meetings with publishers, agencies and key partners. There were a few themes that ran across most of those conversations – foremost was the release of our Omni channel OpenWrap product allowing publishers to manage all of their assets in one location – desktop, mobile, video and CTV. The topic of video was prevalent throughout the entire show. In addition to video, ID was being discussed often. The notion of the cookie disappearing is on everyone’s mind and PubMatics approach towards addressing this change resonated well with our audience.

On the Debate Stage, PubMatic CEO & Co-Founder, Rajeev Goel, joined Janine Liu, MP Programmatic, MediaCom Germany; Rasmus Giese, CEO, United Internet Media; and James Patterson, VP, Client Services, EMEA & Global Operations, The Trade Desk UK, for a conversation about how brands could protect themselves when buying media programmatically, how independent publishers could level the playing field with walled gardens, and what it all means for the future of our industry. “The key is not consolidation of identity, but identity itself,” Goel explained. “Multiple identity graphs will solve different problems. Choice is good. PubMatic is built to support choice across our exchange.”