Leading Through Change With OpenWrap

The challenges of the marketplace have led smart publishers to look to agile, efficient solutions to grow monetization and future-proof for what’s to come. Header bidding has become a critical resource for publishers in this time, helping to scale demand effectively through server-side bidding, adding incremental revenue and fill on top of current demand while maintaining quality control.

Solutions like PubMatic OpenWrap provide publishers with the monetization benefits of header bidding built on Prebid: the foundation and industry standard for transparency and fairness.

Finally, publishers can break free of the waterfall and take control of their direct and programmatic future — with the added benefit of integrated identity solutions. Download our quick and easy guide today and start demanding more from your header bidding solution.


Why openwrap


Identity Hub

OpenWrap is pre-integrated with Identity Hub, PubMatic’s leading ID management tool. Built on Prebid, publishers can activate top ID partner solutions with a few simple clicks.



Put the power of the global standard for open source header bidding to work for you. OpenWrap’s Prebid core brings you unbeatable scale, transparency and ease of use.


Broad Access to Demand

Leverage supply path optimization (SPO) deals with top demand partners, including integrations with hundreds of DSPs.


Omnichannel Support

Accept demand across all ad formats and devices, including video, in-app, native, OTT and CTV