Unleashing the Potential of Programmatic with OpenWrap OTT

Post on June 16, 2020 by Serena Palau

Serena Palau
Serena Palau Director, Product Marketing

Video consumption and streaming TV are soaring, and the current pandemic situation has viewers making what may be permanent changes to their TV-watching habits. While the surge in viewing creates opportunity for both streaming content publishers and advertisers, the fragmented OTT ecosystem and limited use of programmatic technology leave the full potential unexploited.

Over the past decade, programmatic technology transformed the business of digital media, and it is poised to lead a revolution in TV advertising. While *eMarketer estimates that over 50% of OTT and CTV is transacted programmatically, the vast majority is sold via upfront or guaranteed deals. This leaves little room to nimbly respond to changes in market conditions and viewing behavior.

To address the challenges of this new landscape, we’ve launched OpenWrap OTT, a Prebid-powered header bidding solution that centralizes 100% of direct and programmatic demand in a server-side parallel auction. Our new OTT programmatic advertising solution gives publishers critical tools to respond in real time to changes in viewer behavior and increases in inventory availability, in order to maximize yield and fill. Advertisers now have flexible, dynamic and transparent buying models. What’s more, advertisers and publishers can give viewers a more engaging and TV-like ad viewing experience.

Benefits for publishers include:

  • The aggregation of 100% of demand from exchanges, demand side platforms (DSPs), ad servers, and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to increase bid density, fill rates and drive incremental monetization.
  • Management of the balance of monetization, business rules, and user experience across all types of ads or seconds.
  • The transparency and control of a solution powered by Prebid open-source tools.

Benefits for advertisers include:

  • Real-time auctions against curated and brand safe private marketplace (PMP) inventory.
  • First-look access to inventory that they would never have seen in a standard waterfall environment.
  • Better control over the ad pod to enforce frequency capping, competitive exclusion, and prevent back-to-back ads.
  • Bid parameters include business rule such advertiser and category exclusions, so advertisers know when to bid and DSPs know what to bid with.

With TV viewers flocking online, advertisers and publishers know that reaching scaled audiences now requires smarter strategies for engaging viewers with quality ad experiences. As we move to the second half of 2020, all sides of the ecosystem are requiring technologies that help them get more from their investments in digital advertising. Through solutions like OpenWrap OTT, we are helping our partners anticipate an evolving marketplace, while ensuring that they create high-value engagement with consumers, better monetization of their streaming video content and higher return on their ad spend.

Get in touch to learn more about OpenWrap OTT and our beta program.

*data from eMarketer report: US Connected TV Advertising 2019