Seeing 2020: Digital Ad Trends You Can’t Ignore

Post on December 23, 2019 by Susan Wu

Susan Wu Director, Marketing Research

The digital advertising industry set another record in spending throughout 2019, and the space continues to rapidly change, with no indication of slowing down. As the industry strives to overcome its implementation and transparency challenges, technological innovation is the constant driving force of change towards a more efficient market.

It is imperative to equip yourselves with the latest format and channel trends to make sound strategic business decisions. Mobile is now the dominant path for ad monetization; further innovations, especially in-app, will add incremental spending to the industry. And thanks to the surge in consumer video consumption, video advertising is the new rising star worldwide.

In addition to shifts in consumer behavior, advertisers’ demand for improved brand safety, fraud protection and greater transparency measures also impact how the industry is moving forward. All of these considerations influence how buyers choose to direct their advertising budgets and will continue to dictate future spending.

The 2020 Global Digital Ad Trends report will supply you with a comprehensive, accurate view of these latest developments across new, emerging tech tactics and formats. As you prepare and execute on your advertising strategies for the new year, keep these highlights top of mind:

  • Digital ad spending accounts for more than half of all US media ad spend and will account for more than two-thirds by 2023.
  • The top 3 digital ad spend markets worldwide continue to grow at double digit growth rates
  • Worldwide programmatic transactions will represent two-thirds of digital ad spend in 2020, and will reach almost $100 billion.
  • Nearly 80% of worldwide digital ad spending will go to mobile devices by 2023
  • Video advertising is projected to account for over a quarter of overall display ad spending next year.
  • Private marketplaces (PMPs) are the platform of choice for US buyers and sellers and will continue to take a larger share into next year.

From this report, you can answer the following questions:

  • Which media types are expected to grow in 2020, and how should I structure my budget allocations?
  • Which countries will see the largest digital, mobile and video advertising growth in 2020?
  • How should I anticipate mobile web and in-app changes, and invest accordingly?
  • Where do I need to implement PMP strategies to employ the most effective and efficient use of my ad spending?

For all of the global digital advertising trends, statistics, and insights, download the full guide today.