Leading Through Change With In-App Header Bidding

As consumers become more mobile, you need to be right there with them. In a challenging environment, mobile app publishers are seeking every advantage they can find to grow ad revenue with the highest degree of control, transparency and efficiency. And, with changes in the identity and audience targeting ecosystem, publishers need every tool at their disposal.

Header bidding has revolutionized monetization for publishers and PubMatic’s mobile solutions, including OpenWrap SDK, bring the power of programmatic innovation to fast-growing mobile app publishers. PubMatic’s years of investment in header bidding is now available through a lightweight SDK built to support Prebid. You get the transparency and innovation of open source technology with support and expertise from the programmatic experts — in one solution.

Are you looking to scale demand, provide the highest-level of user experience, simplify demand partner management, and increase revenue? Download our quick and easy guide to inform your mobile in-app header bidding strategy — to push through the headwinds of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.





OpenWrap SDK integrates with 200+ demand partners, including major ad exchanges and DSPs. Plus, our direct relationships with buyers give you access to premium brand spend, rather than CPI campaigns.



Give your users the best experience. At under 500 KB, our SDK is smaller than other solutions, and you only need one for multiple partners. Auctions run in under 200 ms, reducing latency over traditional waterfall and SDK mediation solutions. 



Leverage enterprise-grade analytics to uncover new insights on how to optimize yield. Then, manage demand partners in a cloud-based UI—without requiring changes to your SDK, app, or app store approval.



If you have a growing app audience, finding the most effective way to monetize is critical to your business. Inventory is auctioned to cloud demand sources in unison based on real-time prices—a business model that offers you efficiency, transparency, and more revenue.