PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) Q2 2020

Every quarter, our team analyzes over 15 trillion advertiser bids flowing through PubMatic’s platform monthly. Our Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) is powered by the insights we bring the market on trends in the mobile space, providing context on changes on the digital landscape. This quarter’s report highlights how the coronavirus and continued uncertainty have led to buyers doubling down on mobile investment, and publishers making moves to grow their revenue.

Based upon the analysis of data from PubMatic’s platform, notable trends in this report include:

  • Mobile ad spend is skyrocketing. Q2 mobile spend soared 71% over last year, with the Asia-Pacific region notching huge gains over last quarter due to a faster recovery.
  • Mobile app goes programmatic. As consumers spend more time on apps, publishers are embracing programmatic tactics to enhance their revenue. Header bidding and private marketplaces (PMPs) for mobile saw significant growth in Q2 – in-app PMP ad spend was up nearly 5X.
  • Mobile video comes roaring back. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile video was hit hard. But in Q2, mobile video ad spend made a comeback, rising 116% over pre-pandemic levels.

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