Transparency: It’s Time for a Collective Commitment

Post on October 17, 2018 by Jeff Hirsch

Jeff Hirsch Chief Commercial Officer

Over the course of the last year, PubMatic has dedicated ourselves to promoting transparency in the programmatic world. Others have made parallel commitments as well in response to growing industry concern about the fairness of programmatic auctions. The time has finally come for all the participants in our ecosystem to come together and form agreed upon standards that we can all measure ourselves by.

We’re proud to join other leading SSPs in establishing a set of shared principles for a better programmatic marketplace and we materially support the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) as an independent industry body driving the development of standards and rules of engagement for all participants in exchange-based businesses. TAG has proven themselves worthy of corralling the thoughts of competing companies as well as players across the digital supply chain and bringing them together to do the work necessary to better our industry.

The Way Forward: Trust

Trust is the only way to move forward. For brands to embrace programmatic and take advantage of the myriad efficiencies and promise of effectiveness, they must trust us. This trust must be earned, and as an industry, we have not done our job in this regard. All that changes now.

Set principles, agreed upon by SSPs, DSPs, publishers, agencies and marketers, will drive a clear understanding of how business should be done. This foundation will provide the environment for companies to innovate and grow, focusing on providing value to brands and publishers rather than spinning resources on endless discussion of how things should be. When companies compete on innovation and service rather than basic principles of fairness and transparency, the constituents who should win, advertisers and publishers, will win.

What PubMatic is Doing?

PubMatic has previously partnered with TAG in our commitment to combating fraud across the digital supply chain, and we look forward to taking a leadership role in the efforts to combat inefficiency and unfair auction dynamics.

Read the full open letter here to learn more about how PubMatic is joining our colleagues at other leading SSPs in our collective commitment to promote programmatic transparency and trust.