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Connect + Convert: the New Equation for Commerce Media Revenue

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By Alena Morris, Director, Product Marketing
July 25, 2023

PubMatic has been committed to driving performance for publishers for 17 years. Now, our mission of fueling the endless potential of internet content creators is extending to commerce companies as well.

We have worked closely with retailers, commerce media companies, and advertisers to develop a unified commerce media offering, including the newly launched Convert and the expansion of Connect. And we’re proud to have leading industry brands, retailers, and advertisers such as IPG MediaBrands, dentsu, Lyft Media, MiQ, and Wallapop join us as partners in the development and announcement of our offering.

Historically, retailers worked with multiple technology partners for different tactics to run their media businesses. Convert makes it easier for commerce companies to build and manage the growth of their media networks by scaling their inventory and data monetization to drive durable revenue streams. It also means their advertisers no longer need to use different technology solutions. Plus, with private-label permissioning, commerce media networks can build scalable, automated advertiser demand while maintaining fee and pricing transparency.

Convert brings omnichannel onsite and offsite advertising tactics into one unified solution. Commerce media networks to monetize sponsored product listings, a unique and valuable element of retailer advertising, which, according to Magna’s 2023 Programmatic Report on Retail Media, makes up nearly 55% of the revenue opportunity for retailers (excluding Amazon and China).

Like all of PubMatic’s tech solutions, Convert is built on our owned and operated technology that places security at its core. This also extends to the second part of our commerce offering, Connect, our comprehensive and fully integrated audience product we launched in 2022. Connect gives buyers a singular place to access multiple retailer data segments and inventory instead of having to log into every single one individually. This reduces the technology complexity faced by shopper and performance marketers in the current tech ecosystem.

PubMatic is uniquely positioned to serve retailers, marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer brands, thanks in part to its history working with internet content creators to scale their advertising businesses. We have also pioneered technology to bring supply path optimization solutions to advertisers and this new initiative amplifies the value we bring to buyers.

Please reach out to to learn how Connect and Convert combine to bring you powerful new commerce media advertising opportunities.