PubMatic’s Portfolio Strategy is the Path to the Addressable Future

Post on July 7, 2021 by Alena Morris

Alena Morris Director, Product Marketing

With seismic shifts disrupting the landscape, publishers, buyers and the ecosystem more broadly need to rethink data-driven advertising while placing consumer privacy and consent at the center. Many approaches are being explored, from alternative identifiers based on email data, to reviving contextual targeting, to first party data. However, one thing remains true: there will not be a one-size-fits-all approach and therefore none of these should be explored in a silo.

The industry requires solutions and technical infrastructure that can support a portfolio approach to drive performance with scale and reach.

PubMatic believes that sell-side platforms (SSPs) can be a driving force for success in the future of the advertising ecosystem because of their proximity to publishers and consumers. PubMatic is at the forefront of bringing addressability to the digital advertising ecosystem to ensure that publishers can continue to drive superior revenue, and advertisers can likewise drive superior ROI. Therefore, we recommend that to survive and thrive – now and into the future – publishers and advertisers adopt a portfolio approach to addressability.

Our Solution Suite

PubMatic has built specialized technical infrastructure to enable privacy-centric, data-driven advertising that:

Delivers superior revenue to publishers by enabling scaled addressability across all leading approaches, in a simple and straightforward way, with data protection at the core.

Provides the maximum scale of addressable audiences, giving buyers access to the full supply chain of addressability in order to drive superior performance, with more scale, across the open internet.

We enable a portfolio approach for advertisers and publishers across these core components:

Alternative IDs: Best in Class ID Management

PubMatic’s Identity Hub is a leading ID management tool that helps publishers simplify the complex alternative identity marketplace. Identity Hub enables simple ID management, implementation, and configuration of multiple partner IDs through an easy to use, self-serve UI. We partner with 15 of the leading ID solutions, including LiveRamp ATS, UnifiedID 2.0, Criteo, and Zeotap, all of which can all be set up with one tag, minimizing development costs from the publisher. Publishers can use Identity Hub to determine which identifiers can drive up fill rates and eCPMs. Learn more about ID management here.

First-Party Audience Segments: Future-proofed audience buying

Brand and agency-side buyers have determined that first-party data strategies are a key to long-term addressability success. That’s why PubMatic is expanding the capabilities of Audience Encore, an audience buying platform for buyers that enables publishers and data owners to identify future-proofed audience segments based on first-party data and alternative IDs. Audience Encore unlocks leading data providers’ and premium publishers’ audiences, helping buyers utilize unique data from specialized verticals, direct from the source. These close connections to publishers and data owners can also help buyers scale up match rates and scale down tech fees, for a future-proofed, cost-effective mechanism to reach audiences and drive ROI. Learn more about audience activation here.

Contextual: A tried-and-true component of the future

Higher-quality contextual targeting can help drive superior revenue for publishers and superior ROI for buyers without third-party cookies. PubMatic is active in’s contextual targeting working group, which is focused on bringing quality, robust and standardized contextual targeting to the programmatic landscape. We partner with some of the leading contextual partners in the space, including Pixalate and IRIS.TV. This gives publishers the ability to leverage valuable contextual partnerships with none of the heavy lifting. For buyers, this can bring better data quality, fidelity, and scale for superior performance.

Cohorts: Monitoring Google’s progress

Given the recent news of Google’s deprecation pushback, and subsequent pausing of their FLoC work, we will monitor this space closely and follow Google’s lead.

You can learn more about PubMatic’s addressability suite here.