Audience Encore: Reporting on Audience Segments

Post on April 14, 2020 by Randy Lemoine

Randy Lemoine Technical Trainer

Recently, we announced the launch of Audience Encore, a new solution that significantly changes the way publishers monetize audience data. As part of the announcement, we started a three-part video miniseries to walk through the platform for publishers and data providers looking for a more seamless and secure way of activating audience data.

Part one of our video series gave a general overview of the platform and audience segment management. Part two walked through creating PMP deals with your audience segments. In part three, we’ll walk through how to access reporting on your audience segments.

Deal usage reports: Get a breakdown on deal performance and bubble up information like bid request, paid impressions, number of clicks, and more.

Audience usage report: If you need a more granular capture of performance, consider looking into the Audience Usage report. As you know, a deal can have multiple segments. By looking at the Audience Usage Report, you can better understand how those segments have performed for a given deal. By downloading an audience usage report, you can then further filter down to gauge performance.

This concludes our Audience Encore miniseries. We hope you found the information useful. Let us know what you think, and always feel free to reach out to a PubMatic rep if you have questions.