In an uncertain global environment, one thing is for sure: consumer video viewing habits are becoming increasingly fragmented. The number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers is rising, while linear TV viewership is declining. As a result, marketers need to rethink how to reach their target audiences and diversify their buying tactics, while video publishers and content creators need to find solutions to optimize for yield while retaining the user experience of TV.

Programmatic technology is evolving to meet these complex—and seemingly conflicting—needs of publishers, buyers and viewers, and OTT header bidding is emerging as viable solution.

In this report, we cover the essentials of header bidding for OTT, including:

  • The current challenges on the OTT landscape and the impact of Covid-19
  • How header bidding works for OTT
  • How it brings publishers more revenue, advertisers higher ROI and consumers a better TV-like experience
  • Tips for getting started and evaluation criteria

Download the whitepaper today and get started on the path to OTT header bidding success.