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PubMatic Partners with Fluct to Bring OpenWrap SDK to Mobile Publishers in Japan

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By PubMatic
March 24, 2023

PubMatic has signed an exclusive agreement with fluct, a monetization partner for mobile app publishers, to provide its leading independent wrapper solution, OpenWrap SDK to mobile publishers in Japan.

Mobile app publishers in Japan working with fluct will now have exclusive access to OpenWrap SDK, and the premium demand sources, including high-quality global brand demand, via major ad exchanges and DSPs, that the solution delivers.

OpenWrap is lightweight and flexible, with enterprise-grade management tools and analytics. Built on open-source Prebid, it gives publishers granular control over their programmatic advertising business. OpenWrap SDK is pre-integrated with the Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK), which is critical for advertisers to measure viewability and campaign performance.

“By providing OpenWrap SDK to publishers, we can access performance improvements and highly transparent advertising transactions with a minimum of resources,” said Yota Fujii, COO of fluct, Inc. “In recent years, the spread of mediation tools has increased the demand for real-time bidding. However, it has also increased the burden of selection and integration for publishers. In addition, advertisers and publishers must be vigilant due to the prevalence of ad fraud on exchanges. By utilizing OpenWrap SDK, it is possible to incorporate optimal demand connectivity and highly transparent auctions. It also enables delivery of premium budgets from brand advertisers around the world. We appreciate PubMatic’s excellent technical support, which allows us to focus on providing the highest level of service to our publishers.”

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