PubMatic Ranked #1 International Leader In Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index

Professional headshot of Karl Moats
By Karl Moats, ‎Director of Product Marketing
January 11, 2018

PubMatic is pleased to announce we were ranked #1 International leader and #5 in the US for Pixalate’s recently released November Global Seller Trust Index (GSTI), a worldwide standing in programmatic advertising quality rankings.

Pixalate’s monthly index analyzes vendors based on several criteria. This includes viewability, fraud, engagement, domain masking, and network quality. PubMatic specifically differentiated itself from the field by getting A grading across Reach, General Invalid Traffic (GIVT), Viewability, and Masking.

The recent rankings are a direct result of PubMatic’s on-going commitment to providing a clean ecosystem. We understand the importance of providing a transparent and brand-safe marketplace for buyers, and our team knows what it takes to build a fraud-free ecosystem.

“We will continue to fight the good fight, and we urge all our partners up and down the supply chain to join us in helping to ensure the programmatic ecosystem is clean,” Vin Diec, VP, Sales Operations & Inventory Quality said. “In an ad-fraud free world, the good guys benefit.”

PubMatic has zero-tolerance for fraud on our platform. We strive to protect the advertiser’s trust by maintaining a clean media buying platform with high inventory quality and brand safety standards. To safeguard this mission, PubMatic is proud of the following initiatives.

Global Quality Partnerships:

In addition to our proprietary technology, we partner with MRC-accredited inventory quality vendors, such as IAS and White Ops. They conduct brand-safety checks and inventory screening across multiple formats and platforms. We view them as partners, sharing data and feedback to keep ahead of fraud schemes.

Fraud-Free Program:

PubMatic announced our fraud-free program for demand partners in November 2017. Within the program, if fraud is detected, our demand partners won’t have to pay for it. PubMatic will promptly provide a credit for any suspect traffic served by PubMatic, provided certain criteria are met.

Quality Compliance Team:

We have a dedicated global Inventory Quality (IQ) team that adamantly believes a clean environment benefits everyone. We take a rigorous approach to eliminating and preventing ad fraud. Our operational processes help us combat ad fraud, as it happens.

Through daily reporting, we identify IQ issues and communicate with the relevant publisher to develop a plan of action. The IQ team reviews all fraud reports and investigates DSP complaints before relaying findings to our customer success management teams. If improvements are not seen within a defined timeframe, we move to pause or terminate the publisher account.

ads.txt Outreach:

The GSTI algorithms rank PubMatic among the industry leaders in ads.txt. This is a direct reflection of our efforts as PubMatic is a vocal supporter and active participant of increased transparency in the programmatic landscape. Thus, in the domains where we manage monetization, we have pushed for ads.txt adoption.

Our global customer success management teams reached out to each of our publisher clients this past Fall to encourage adoption. Additionally, we have shared an ads.txt implementation guide with a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

We will continue our efforts to maintain a brand-safe programmatic ecosystem. PubMatic will fight the good fight and we urge our supply-chain partners to join us in helping to ensure the programmatic ecosystem is clean.

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