PubMatic @ Cannes Lions

Post on June 15, 2017 by PubMatic


Next week, PubMatic team members from across the globe will descend upon the Cannes Lions festival, where we look forward to engaging in open dialogue on several themes that have been dominating the media landscape this year. Data, fake news, header bidding, brand safety, and transparency have all played key roles in driving brand budgets to programmatic and are forcing us to return to our advertising roots – where creativity, relationships and quality matter. The basis of this is all about trust.

PubMatic is committed to these ideals and to providing clarity around these topics in market. We embrace the rising prominence of preferred relationships and contextual relevance in today’s environment, and provide the technology and controls to enable publishers and advertisers to build mutually beneficial, transparent programmatic relationships.

To achieve this, we have made a longstanding commitment to transparency and have launched Let’s Be Clear, a new campaign aimed at tackling issues of transparency and trust in the digital sector. We look forward to engaging in open and honest dialogue next week in Cannes about fees, supply, quality, and a range of topics that together define ‘transparency.’ To schedule a meeting with the team, click here.

We hope to see you in Cannes!