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PubMatic and Silverpush Partner to Enhance Digital Advertising in APAC with Data-Driven Solutions

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By PubMatic
March 27, 2023

PubMatic,(Nasdaq: PUBM), an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, and Silverpush, a leading AI-powered advertising solutions provider, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will enable brands and advertisers across APAC to better connect with their target audiences through data-driven advertising.

The partnership will allow advertisers to leverage Silverpush’s AI-powered contextual data programmatically through Connect, PubMatic’s audience solution. Connect allows advertisers to engage audiences through privacy-compliant solutions that perform — without relying on third-party cookies or outdated strategies. Advertisers will now have access to valuable audience data, that can be applied on the sell side to bring greater efficiency to their campaigns.

Silverpush is an advanced advertising technology solution provider powered by artificial intelligence, offering its flagship products Mirrors and Parallels. With a mission to solve complex client problems using data-driven solutions and cutting-edge technology, Silverpush continues to drive innovation in the digital advertising industry through contextual video ad placement targeting to reach the most relevant audience in a brand-safe environment.

Through Connect, advertisers will be able to access PubMatic’s premium inventory and use Silverpush’s hyper-contextual targeting capabilities to reach their targeted audience in the right context at the right moment which drives engagement and conversions.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Silverpush – together, PubMatic and Silverpush will provide advertisers with a powerful suite of data-driven tools to help them optimize their campaigns and achieve their marketing objectives,” said Brandon Lee, Director, Addressability APAC at PubMatic. “Bringing targeting to the sell-side, via Connect, means buyers can gain greater control over how inventory and data are packaged and transacted to drive the best performance for their campaigns.”

“We are excited to partner with PubMatic to provide our AI-powered contextual advertising solutions for a wider reach of audience in the APAC market, starting from Indonesia. This partnership will enable advertisers to create highly targeted campaigns that are based on real-time consumer contexts, delivering better campaign results and ROAS.” said Raushida Vasaiwala, VP-APAC at Silverpush.

The partnership is set to take effect immediately, with both companies working closely together to deliver their shared vision.