Partnering with GroupM to Build the Future of Digital Advertising

Group shot of people collaborating in an office setting. The PubMatic logo is shown
By PubMatic
February 24, 2022

As programmatic becomes the dominant digital advertising channel, agencies that want to drive innovation and value for brands are building close partnerships with technology providers to maximize transparency and supply chain efficiency. Today, PubMatic announced a global partnership with GroupM, the world’s leading media investment group, to enable GroupM Premium Marketplace, a unified programmatic marketplace that will increase media buying transparency and efficiency. The global partnership helps GroupM clients simplify the complexities of the open internet and sets the stage for the supply chain of the future. PubMatic has been a pioneer in implementing supply path optimization (SPO) partnerships that deliver trust, efficiency and value to advertisers, and bring unique, premium brand spend to publishers.

Supported by a global partnership agreement with PubMatic, GroupM Premium Marketplace will provide clients with direct and advantaged access to high quality publisher inventory underpinned by new standards for performance measurement, further reducing opportunities for fraud and inventory misrepresentation in the media supply chain.

“Today’s programmatic ecosystem has become incredibly complex and inefficient, and clients are rightly concerned about transparency and accountability across the digital and programmatic supply chain,” said Andrew Meaden, GroupM’s Global Head of Investment. “GroupM Premium Marketplace solves these problems for clients by making the media buying process simpler and more transparent and by using PubMatic technology to ensure clients always receive the maximum benefit of GroupM’s unique size and scale.”

“We are thrilled that GroupM has selected PubMatic as a technology partner to enable GroupM Premium Marketplace. This partnership helps advertisers and publishers build a comprehensive media strategy for the safe, data-driven advertising of the future. While buyers benefit from one centralized, easily accessible interface for high-quality supply that would provide a diverse inventory landscape for GroupM clients, publishers gain better inventory monetization from exposure to new clients within the GroupM portfolio. Both buyers and publishers get a simplified and more direct path to working together, which will allow for more joint innovation and improved transparency,” said Emma Newman, Chief Revenue Officer EMEA at PubMatic.