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It’s Time to Activate Your New Programmatic Supply Chain

A headshot of Paul Kim
By Paul Kim, Senior Manager, Product Marketing
May 8, 2023

The programmatic supply chain needs to evolve to accommodate economic pressures, privacy regulations, and the push for greater buyer control of media budgets. To help media buyers meet these challenges, PubMatic is launching Activate. With a single layer of technology, Activate removes inefficiencies in the programmatic supply chain – including the operational inefficiencies of direct-deal setups – and creates more value for buyers and sellers overall.

We believe the supply chain of the future must provide for the independence, interoperability, control, choice, and transparency that both buyers and sellers require. If the programmatic supply chain were created today — specially for direct deal and private deal opportunities — it would look vastly different. It would be much more efficient if buyers could transact programmatically closer to the inventory source. And that is why we are bringing Activate to the marketplace, to bridge the automation of programmatic with the control of direct.

PubMatic is in a unique position to bring this solution to market because we have well-established sell-side technology that was complemented with our 2022 acquisition of media measurement and reporting platform, Martin. We have now built a layer of technology which brings the publisher and buyer sides together with the same levels of interoperability and flexibility that we build into our entire suite of software solutions.

Activate taps into our entire publisher inventory pool of omnichannel video inventory, including CTV and high-value online video, giving buyers greater control and efficiency with fewer hops. Activate is built for a sustainable and responsible media chain and includes a unified SPO platform, which is designed to bring publishers and buyers closer together. Thanks to fee efficiencies, we anticipate more working media for our publisher customers, which has been a frequent request.

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