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DE&I 2022: Toward Continuous Progress

Lorrie Dougherty headshot
By Lorrie Dougherty, SVP, Human Resources
August 31, 2022

Since we launched our first DE&I report in 2016, I have been so proud of the progress we’ve made as a company, and by the endless work and energy put in by our employees to drive positive change within our company and our communities. Today we launched our 2022 report, which I invite you to read.

Last year we identified specific areas that needed to be addressed – such as growing female representation among our female workforce with a major focus on our engineering teams in India. By identifying and acknowledging the issue and strategically developing programs to address it, we were able to drive meaningful change and reach our highest representation of women since we began releasing these reports in 2016. In another example, we also increased Latinx representation among our team, as we brought on more Latinx individuals in management and leadership roles, who then leveraged their networks to accelerate recruitment of new Latinx talent. These are achievements to be proud of but we have more work to do.

Looking ahead, we want to continue to build upon the progress and momentum we have achieved. We will continue to bring on more diverse talent, but this doesn’t stop at recruitment. We must also ensure we create a cultural environment in which they can thrive. Continuous learning has always been a key pillar of our culture, and we are continuing to invest here, bringing some of this expertise in-house so we can grow and develop trainings that are right for PubMatic and our needs.

As we look ahead towards 2023, we will continue to hold ourselves accountable for progressing upon our inclusion journey as a company. We have made it our focus to communicate openly and honestly regarding where we can do better, and to put plans in place to move forward. As a leader in the industry we owe this to our team, to our customers, and to society at large.