Building a Resilient Publisher Business Through OpenWrap as a Bidder

Professional headshot of John Martin
By John Martin, Senior Director, Publisher Growth Solutions
April 17, 2024

We are seeing a new programmatic advertising ecosystem emerge in real time. Shifts like overall signal loss, particularly the deprecation of the third-party cookie, have prompted advertisers and publishers alike to find innovative ways to preserve revenue streams, reach the right audiences, and ultimately create superior user experiences.

There are so many identity resolution solutions at the industry’s disposal to meet this moment properly, such as alternative IDs and contextual targeting. Yet, header bidding, a cornerstone of modern programmatic advertising, has often been overlooked in industry conversations about the future of audience addressability. Forward-thinking publishers are understanding the importance of considering all options within their addressability strategies to future-proof their business and implement tools that will allow them to continue to drive monetization.

We have led in this space with our unified header bidding solution, OpenWrap, providing innovative custom management tools and performance optimization insights to publishers so they can tap into incremental revenue across channels, formats, devices, and screens. This solution is built on Prebid, which fuels control, transparency, and innovation.

We are excited to take this to the next level with the launch of OpenWrap as a Bidder. Now, any publisher with a client-side Prebid setup can capitalize on the benefits of Prebid Server by adding OpenWrap as a Bidder. Unlike the resource-intense project of building a server-side Prebid auction, now all publishers have to do is configure an additional SSP. This is critical in the post-cookie era as moving to Prebid Server generates lower latency and faster auctions, and client-side solutions will have equal value with the deprecation of third-party cookies. Additionally, moving to Prebid Server can fuel a better user experience, improve SEO rankings, and ultimately drive traffic to publishers’ websites and keep users engaged on-site longer.

With OpenWrap as a Bidder, you can quickly configure your existing Prebid server-side setup while increasing competition with both client and server-side bidding. We have the expertise to integrate, maintain, and optimize the setup, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency for you in the process.

Please get in touch with us to learn how OpenWrap as a Bidder can help future-proof your business and prepare you for the future of addressability.