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Publishers Deserve to Choose Their Optimal Header Bidding Setup

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By John Martin, Senior Director, Publisher Growth Solutions
October 27, 2022

For a web publisher, utilizing third-party header bidding technologies is commonplace. However, a lack of control, customization, and commercial flexibility can impose limits on ad revenue teams. This doesn’t need to be the case.

OpenWrap Web, PubMatic’s unified auction product, is an enterprise-grade platform that offers Prebid module interoperability without any restrictions for customers. Providing access and toolkits to custom architect publisher setups can drive success at a time where transparency is imperative.

Optimize your Prebid setup

As an open-source framework, Prebid empowers web publishers to more effectively monetize ad impressions. With the evolution of header bidding, effective web monetization does not simply stop at flattening the waterfall or increasing the number of bidders.

Today, Prebid supports hundreds of additional modules that can offer unique value to publishers depending on their objectives. Modules can range from advanced analytics to ad blocking to first-party data. The value of these modules can include everything from helping publishers obtain incremental revenue to providing granular insights from performance data.

It is important that publishers looking to be economical with resources find ways to take advantage of what Prebid offers to drive innovation. Through solutions such as OpenWrap Web, advanced Prebid publishers can benefit from module interoperability by searching and activating in one portal. The combination of access, choice, and advanced customization creates a flywheel of top and bottom line value for publishers and their consumers.

Reduce needless, heavy code

The modular framework means publishers can cherry-pick and easily integrate code snippets, one of the huge benefits of any Prebid setup. At a time when user experience and page speed is so important, choosing exactly what code lives on page will have a net positive impact on ad revenue and performance.

Publishers can take back control through the ability to add or omit modules.

Efficiency through centralization

Centralizing Prebid module search and activation also creates technical and operational efficiencies for publishers. Leveraging multiple third parties across a publisher’s adtech stack can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Activating Prebid modules through a single UI gives development teams time back and empowers ad operations professionals to take control themselves without waiting for their engineering teams to become available.

Deepening relationships with reliable technology partners is essential for maximizing the success of independent publishers. Not only do solutions like OpenWrap provide the toolkits to drive value, but they also offer an expert service team who have been publishers themselves.

Balance is key

Prebid monetization and management is an essential function for publishers today. By its very nature, open-sourced technology provides a wonderful foundation for layering on custom features to suit the needs of the individual. However, advanced customization and control can come at a price. Time spent on custom projects is costly.

Even the most premium of publishers have lean engineering teams, many of which focus well outside the realm of ad monetization. Platforms like OpenWrap Web empower publishers to build custom Prebid features without wasting valuable time and budgets.

Technology, transparency, and choice are important components of the digital supply chain of the future. OpenWrap is key to that equation for our publisher customers. I invite you to get in touch and learn more.