Posted: May 18, 2018; Effective: May 25, 2018

We recently updated the PubMatic Privacy Policy, PubMatic Platform Cookie Policy, and PubMatic Website Cookie Policy. Here’s a summary of what’s changed from our old policies:

  • We reorganized, improved and updated the PubMatic Privacy Policy to make it easier for individuals to understand how PubMatic may collect, use and share their information through our Ad Services and the PubMatic Properties.
  • We explained how we may use information collected through the Ad Services to build our own interest-based advertising segments or audiences.
  • We updated the section regarding our data retention policies to provide more specific information about how long we may retain your information.
  • We provided more information about the rights that individuals may have under applicable data protection and privacy laws with respect to their personal information, including the new rights available to residents in the European Union under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • We updated our cookie policies to help individuals understand how they can opt out or control the use of cookies or similar technologies on their browser or device.
  • We made other changes to comply with new legal requirements under applicable data protection and privacy laws, including the GDPR which will take effect across the European Union on May 25, 2018.