Adopted: May 18, 2018; Updated: November 30,2022

PubMatic, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including, as of the date of this notice, PubMatic Limited, PubMatic GmbH, PubMatic India Private Limited, パブマティック株式会社 (PubMatic KK), PubMatic Pte. Ltd. and 据翼软件科技有限公司 (PubMatic Software (Shanghai) Limited) (“we,” “our” or “PubMatic”) are committed to respecting your data protection rights under applicable privacy laws (we refer to any such rights as “data subject rights”).

As stated in our Privacy Policy, although we may collect personally identifiable information that you provide to us when you visit (for example, if you request information through the “Contact Us” section of our website), our automated advertising technology, and the related software tools that we provide to our publisher and advertiser clients, do not collect information that directly identifies you as an individual (such as your name or your address). Instead, our technology collects only certain digital identifiers that may identify your device or your Internet browser (referred to as “Digital Identifiers”). Because of this, in order for us to help you exercise your data subject rights, we need you to provide us with additional information, as explained below, so that we can locate any records we hold about you. We will use this additional information only for the purpose of processing your data subject rights requests.


Residents of some countries, including those in the European Economic Area, have data subject rights available to them under applicable data protection laws. These rights may include the right to request access to, or to request erasure or portability of, your personal information.  You may also have a right to object to, or request that we restrict, processing of your personal information.  Where such rights apply, we will comply with requests to exercise these rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

If you make a request to access personal information we hold about you (also known as an “access request”), we will provide the Digital Identifiers of your browser(s) and/or device(s) that we may store. Additionally, we may also provide you with certain other information that we may have stored and associated with your Digital Identifiers.

Please note, however, that we have a very short retention period for most files with Digital Identifiers that we store or process. As a result, we may not be able to provide you with any records at all in response to an access request. In such cases, however, we will inform you that we have not been able to locate any records associated with your Digital Identifiers.

Important Note: We have a responsibility to verify your identity before we respond to an access request.  This is to make sure that we provide a copy of your personal information only to the person who is entitled to it — you.  Because of this, it is our policy not to accept requests submitted by third parties (including automated robots), and to require certain documentation from you to verify that you are authorized to make the access request. If you wish to make an access request, we kindly ask that you contact us directly and follow the instructions below.


If you wish to make a data subject rights request, please visit this page.