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Welcome to the Future of Digital Advertising, Built for You

Johanna Bauman headshot
By Johanna Bauman, Chief Marketing Officer
March 14, 2022

2022 is proving to be one of the most eventful – and impactful – years for the digital advertising ecosystem. We are simultaneously experiencing consolidation and fragmentation, as players across the supply chain shake up the status quo. Whether due to supply path optimization (SPO) or demand path optimization (DPO), changes in audience targeting and addressability, or governmental regulation, one thing is certain: The future of digital advertising will look fundamentally different than it does today. 

And that’s why it’s more important than ever to have an open conversation about how advertising will change in the future, and what it is going to take for publishers and media buyers to thrive. With the launch of our new ‘Built for You’ campaign we highlight and reinforce what we have built to enable the success of you, our customers — whatever changes may come.  

At PubMatic, we’ve seen the programmatic ecosystem evolve over the past decade and a half. It was a nascent industry when we were founded in 2006, focused on long-tail, remnant inventory, since then, we’ve helped usher in the current era where digital advertising is a critical component of advertisers’ media mix. Through it all, we are proud of how we have helped our customers fuel their potential, and we are excited about the opportunities that remain ahead. 

The Future of Digital Advertising, Built for You, has three key themes: 


A key component of our DNA at PubMatic has been putting the customer first (it literally holds the No. 1 spot on the list of our core values). Nothing energizes us more than partnering with our customers to understand their needs, innovating to solve the challenges they face today, and preparing them for those that will crop up over the next several years. And we do this by focusing on our core strength: the infrastructure, products, and algorithms we build to facilitate efficient and effective advertising. 


Let’s face it: There is a lot of black-box technology in the programmatic and the future of digital and broader media ecosystem. We’re starting to see both publishers and advertisers move away from the walled gardens because they don’t know what’s going on with their investments on those platforms. Our customers want to control their own destinies, and it is critically important to facilitate this moving forward.  

We are enabling a transition to programmatic advertising because it gives both sides better data, better insights and better performance. However, our customers aren’t going to flock to programmatic unless they can demonstrate to their organizations what the impact is. That’s on us to prove.  


What we do is beneficial only if it drives performance and delivers results to customers in cost-effective ways. That’s why PubMatic was built on a foundation of efficiency.  

We deliver better performance for customers when we operate efficiently ourselves. That includes the technology we build, such as our data centers around the world that give us control over all aspects of the necessary hardware and software. It also includes how we operate as a company. Operating a profitable business gives us the stability to continue to provide service and value to customers.  

Our vision of the future of digital advertising 

Looking toward advertising in the future, the only constant we can be sure of is change. At PubMatic, we can stay ahead of the technology and market trends impacting our ecosystem, but only you – our customers – understand your business best. So, reach out, and let’s work together to build a vibrant digital advertising ecosystem together. In the meantime, I hope you like our new campaign, it was built for you.