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Targeted PMP: What Buyers Need to Know

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By Alex Boras, Senior Director of Ad Solutions, East
April 24, 2018

What if PMP planning started with the audience, not the inventory?

Historically, PMP conversations are all about the inventory.  They are set up to access a publisher’s inventory directly, or a specific section of a publisher’s inventory, which is not available in the open auction.

Increased spending on PMP is well documented. At PubMatic, we have observed the same growth trends—however, familiar pain points that have plagued PMPs from the beginning persist.


PMP Pain Points

The most common concerns we hear from advertisers and DSPs are as follows:

Unavailable Pre-Campaign Planning: Buyers lack visibility into audience reach and impressions available on PMPs, making accurate forecasting a challenge. If buyers cannot truly grasp what they are buying, they cannot justify the costs. There is often wasted spend and time before making adjustments and optimizations mid-campaign.

Misaligned PMP Set-Up: Discrepancies in implementation and mistaken Deal IDs are troublesome for traders as PMPs have become increasingly mainstream.

Lack of Scale: When audience segments or viewability are layered onto a PMP, scale is immediately impacted, which is to be expected. However, in many cases the lack of scale dramatically stifles delivery. Buyers then need to request the same targeting parameters from multiple publishers, or they are forced to open up all targeting parameters to ensure delivery.

Increased Costs or Lower ROI: PMPs come with higher floors, “If data suggests one user is more likely to purchase a product than another, why would a rational buyer pay the same price to reach both people, said Tim Sims, SVP of Inventory and Partnerships at The Trade Desk.  “The unfortunate consequence? Lower ROI due to suboptimal audience targeting, a lack of impression valuation and wasted spend.”

Targeted PMP Solution

In April, PubMatic introduced Targeted PMP.  Our new tool puts audiences front and center and solves for the following:

Simplified Setup: Target unique data on preferred publishers and create deal IDs.  The improved targeting is possible while avoiding difficult, time-consuming negotiations and set-up with publishers.

Inventory Discovery: Buyers can find which inventory is best suited to which audiences and easily tailor deals to segments—in just a few clicks.

Scalability: Refine deals with numerous targeting criteria, such as by audience and viewability, across multiple publishers from an intuitive UI.

Real-Time Audience Planning Tool: Forecast the reach and impressions of your PMP campaign—in real time—during deal creation.

PubMatic’s Targeted PMP benefits provide buyers a self-service tool to quickly create PMP deals—at scale. Buyers can easily find and transact on unique audience segments across quality publishers, with no time wasted in negotiation or trouble-shooting. The end result will be a step toward more efficient workflows, transparency, and putting consumers back at the center of PMP.

What’s Next?

We are always looking for ways to increase monetization for our partners, provide innovative infrastructure and increase efficiency. If you would like to learn more about Targeted PMPs, or our other solutions, please contact us.