A group shot of the PubMatic 2024 product and engineering offsite

Strategic Horizons: PubMatic’s 2024 Vision Unveiled – Annual Product and Engineering Leadership Offsite

Mukul Kumar headshot
By Mukul Kumar, Co-Founder & President, Engineering
February 27, 2024

PubMatic’s annual product and engineering leadership offsite was a productive and collaborative event. Team members from our Redwood City, New York and Cincinnati offices travelled to Pune, India to strengthen connections, foster communication, and align everyone with the company’s strategy for the new year. We exchanged ideas about what works and what doesn’t, how teams can learn from one another across product, technology, and processes, and how we can all get energized for 2024.

Product and engineering leaders from around the globe went deep into the product strategy across Activate, Convert, CTV, Connect, Addressability, and more. We also brainstormed Engineering Excellence areas such as innovation, software optimizations, technology leadership, faster software development, and infrastructure development.

Some key takeaways from the event included:

  • A Vision for Generative AI: our engineering teams are embracing innovation and plan to leverage Generative AI extensively to increase developer productivity via code generation, UI and UX design and development, software optimizations, code reviews and documentation, test case generation and unit testing.
  • Excellent Customer Experience: our teams committed to prioritize delivering superior user experience for our customers, including publishers, buyers and commerce media companies.
  • Increased Speed of Innovation: we will deliver faster innovation to our customers using advanced software development and testing techniques.
  • Data-Driven Insights: we discussed ways to apply Machine Learning to solve customer problems.

2024 will be a big year for us; this is the year we will accelerate our track record of developing world-class products and top technical innovations. We will conduct our annual Hackathon, which brings in new ideas from our teams across all locations. There will be huge focus on product development as we get into the next phase of addressability in a privacy compliant manner as Google plans to fully phase out third-party cookies in Chrome, and a variety of other innovations.

In these two days we achieved all the goals for the offsite and more! Now, we are off to executing these goals for 2024. Each leader will debrief their teams on the offsite discussion and any key actions coming out of the offsite. At PubMatic, we value every opinion, understanding that the greatest creativity and sustained innovation comes when various perspectives and viewpoints are taken into consideration and every idea is put through the crucial test of review. We are building leaders for the future, and leaders in programmatic digital advertising.

The annual Product and Engineering Leadership Offsite serves as a source of motivation and energy for the team, setting a positive tone for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us in 2024.