Specialized Infrastructure is a Competitive Advantage for Publishers and Advertisers

Post on January 29, 2021 by Vasu Vembar

Vasu Vembar SVP, Infrastructure and Security

This week’s massive internet outage in the U.S. cast a light on the importance of infrastructure stability to the global business of today, and tomorrow. Particularly in the time of Covid-19, the world’s reliance on online communications to facilitate commerce and support the operations of countless businesses will only grow. At PubMatic, our platform and customers were not impacted anywhere during this recent event. We believe our systems and technology provide our customers with a significant competitive advantage. 

We know first-hand the crucial role that internet infrastructure plays: our platform, and an enormous number of transactions on behalf of our advertiser and publisher customers, rely on robust systems and services. PubMatic has built a world-class infrastructure over the past 14 yearsensuring the resilience of services on behalf of our customers. 

We provide a specialized cloud infrastructure platform that enables real-time programmatic advertising transactions. PubMatic’s best-in-class technology backbone powers digital advertising across continents, ad formats, and devices, enabling a high degree of cost efficiency and rapid innovation to deliver superior results to our customers.  

How do we do this? 

We power our cloud platform by proprietary software deployed on PubMatic-owned and operated hardware close to our customers around the world. As of September 2020, wee process near a trillion advertiser bids every day and 134 billion ad impressions daily, which generates about 1.65 petabytes of data per day.  

To power this massive data infrastructure, we’ve built robust system with data centers and colocation facilities distributed geographically. PubMatic has an expert team with deep experience that is highly engaged and takes pride in building and maintaining a leading-edge system. At the infrastructure layer, every component used in handling network traffic is built with redundancy and resilience in mind, including the connectivity between PubMatic and best-of-breed ISP partners supporting us in each regional locationWe have implemented extensive automation, monitoring, and management of network services by our network and data center operations teams to enable real-time monitoring and maximum uptime. 

How does this help our customers? 

We’ve worked hard to build a robust and advanced system on behalf of our worldwide clients. In fast-moving, ever-evolving era, infrastructure is a competitive advantage, one that is important to any business that needs to stay online at critical times. By controlling all layers of our infrastructure stack, including network, hardware, and software, we can operate more efficiently and drive increased revenue for our publishers and higher ROI for our buyers.