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PubMatic Joins Ad Net Zero Global Group to Support the Fight for a Sustainable Advertising Industry

Johanna Bauman headshot
By Johanna Bauman, Chief Marketing Officer
October 19, 2022

Climate change is too big for any one company to fight on its own. We need to approach this crisis by holding not only our own businesses, but also each other, more accountable. Collaborative solutions and shared standards will best enable substantive change.

We are proud to announce an expanded partnership with Ad Net Zero, an organization committed to reducing the carbon impact of developing, producing, and running advertising to real net zero by the end of 2030. PubMatic will now be a member of the organization’s Global Group, the committee working to roll out Ad Net Zero’s initiatives internationally.

PubMatic began working with Ad Net Zero in the UK earlier this year. We engaged with peers across the country to streamline efforts to calculate and curb carbon emissions from advertising. As a global company, we are excited to extend the impact of our involvement as Ad Net Zero expands in the US and worldwide.

Since our founding in 2006, PubMatic has been committed to helping publishers succeed; our mission is to fuel the endless potential of internet content creators. And in support of that mission, we are building the digital advertising supply chain of the future – one that prioritizes transparency, efficiency, and performance, as well as sustainability.

As we have matured as a business, we have built a fully owned and operated global private cloud. This not only reduced our cost of operations by one-third, but also reduced the compute resources required to run our business by one-third. The alignment of the operational efficiency benefits with an improvement in our environmental impact was a win-win.

Earlier this year, we announced that all of our global data centers are now powered by 100% renewable energy. This demonstrated true progress in deploying operational efficiencies that align with our commitments – and Ad Net Zero’s goals – to drive sustainability in the advertising ecosystem. And it is just the first step in our journey to operate a more sustainable business.

There remains a tremendous amount of work to be done, and we look forward to partnering with our peer companies in the Ad Net Zero Global Group to drive change. Together, we can help ensure that advertising technology is designed, built, and utilized to provide the maximum value to advertisers, publishers, and consumers, while also leveraging responsible media frameworks that shepherd better outcomes for the environment.