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Meet Johanna, PubMatic’s New CMO

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By PubMatic
November 19, 2019

At PubMatic, we are proud to have remained at the forefront of sell-side innovation since our inception in 2016. We operate in a dynamic and constantly evolving industry, so it is imperative that we not only develop market-leading technology and services but also tell our story in a way that resonates with our customer base.

That is why we are thrilled to announce Johanna Bauman as our new CMO. Johanna is a seasoned marketer and business strategist with a track record of driving successful B2B marketing programs for technology companies. She has been instrumental in building redefining the corporate narrative and executing successful marketing programs since she joined the company in 2016 to lead the marketing communications team.

Now, in her role as Chief Marketing Officer, Johanna will lead our global marketing organization, helping to shape our marketing strategies to meet the needs of customers as the programmatic industry evolves. She will be responsible for all aspects of corporate marketing strategy, product marketing and sales enablement, brand development, events and communications across all regions.

Johanna, welcome to the leadership team!