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Introducing Expanded Reporting for Multiple Buyer Seats — Mission Control for All Your Data

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By Ryan Christopher, Senior Director, Product Marketing
October 28, 2021

PubMatic continually invests in improving platform efficiency across our platform as part of a commitment to enhance ROI for advertisers. As such, the increased adoption of our all-in-one-place Media Buyer Console has coincided with the realization that some buyers need analytics solutions across all of their DSPs, not just individual campaigns.

That is why we have released expanded reporting for multiple buyer seats that serves as mission control for all your data. Now, you can choose the precise metrics and dimensions you wish to measure across all your DSP seats and deals in the all-in-one-place Media Buyer Console.

Key Benefits

With expanded reporting for multiple buyer seats, you will have access to an array of benefits:

  • Transparency — Know exactly, all in one place, how your deals are performing across all your accounts.
  • Deeper Insights — Select the precise metrics you need to thoroughly evaluate your campaign performance across all your seats.
  • Local Currency Support — Determine your ROI . Phase 1 currencies will include Euro (EUR), Swedish Krona (SEK), and British Pound (GBP).
  • Data, your way — Build analytics templates for your deals to ensure rapid, relevant metrics are tracked for all your accounts.
  • Better Organization — Schedule new reports and edit/delete existing reports that no longer serve your needs.
  • Improved Troubleshooting — Slice and dice your data with an increased number of filtering capabilities on dimensions and metrics within the report builder to help.

More to Come

In the coming months, we will be adding more metrics and dimensions on which you can pull reports, all to help you achieve better ROI for your media dollars.

If you have any questions about this release or future enhancements, please contact your account representative.