Understanding SSP Log-Level Data: What Buyers Need to Know to Become More Efficient

Partner data, within ad tech, is extremely valuable and there has been an increasing number of conversations around the available types and applicable insights to be gleaned from the information. SSP log-level data, in particular, can be used by buyers to impact their bidding strategies, targeting capabilities and improve their overall inventory quality. By diving into the SSP data, with proper analysis and trusted partnerships, media buyers can further benefit from more informed planning and buying, this improving on advertising spend.

In an effort to increase transparency, some SSPs, like PubMatic, are not only making more data available but also standardizing it and developing processes for easier usage on the buy-side. Ultimately, this increase in transparency will also increase efficacy for the benefit of both publishers and advertisers.

Download PubMatic’s whitepaper to learn:

  • What SSP log-level data includes
  • Why log-level data matters to buyers
  • The type of data available from SSPs
  • 3 important ways to use SSP log-level data