PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) Q1 2020

Every quarter, our team analyzes over 15 trillion advertiser bids flowing each month through PubMatic’s platform. This allows us to observe real-time trends in the mobile space that may allude to broader digital industry trends. These insights are distilled into our Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI), which highlights key trends and insights in mobile advertising. This quarter’s report findings showcase the impact that the global coronavirus pandemic has had on digital advertising, how mobile is driving a gradual market recovery in APAC, and that the increased mobile video viewership will outlast the pandemic.

Based upon analysis of over 15 trillion advertiser bids flowing through PubMatic’s platform each month, notable trends include:

  • Mobile volume is steadfast. Mobile impression volume on publisher sites was flat between pre- and post-COVID 19 impact, while desktop volume declined.
  • Shift from desktop to mobile is accelerating. Mobile ad spending fell 15% post-impact (vs. desktop ad spending, which fell 25%). As a result, total mobile share of global ad spending reached 51% by the end of Q1.
  • In-app PMP ad spending expands advertisers swung budgets to in-app PMPs, away from open market, In-app PMP spending nearly doubled in each region.
  • Mobile video ads contracted more than display, declined 27% whereas display fell 12% after COVID-19 impact.

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