PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) Q1 2019

Every quarter, our team analyzes over 13 trillion advertiser bids flowing each month through PubMatic’s platform. This allows us to observe real-time trends in the mobile space that may allude to broader digital industry trends. We then compare this information to other published data to further understand changes in the mobile landscape. The result is our Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) with actionable data and insights to influence media planning, inventory packaging and important insights for marketers.

Our Q1 2019 QMI report shines a spotlight on mobile video opportunities, in-app header bidding, the impact of ad fraud on in-app advertising, plus the rise in programmatic media buying in APAC. The four key trends to improve your media planning, buying and programmatic strategies are:

  1. Due to video, mobile ad spend accelerates by 29% in Q1 2019. The promise of 5G has the potential to bring powerful and interactive content and experiences, changing the way video and its ads are consumed.
  2. Mobile in-app header bidding still needs time to grow. Many publishers are using in-app header bidding for the first time, with mobile in-app header impression volume increasing 12-fold YOY, indicating there is still much more potential for growth as knowledge about its benefits spread.
  3. Safety practices take center stage as fraud rises. The majority of additional programmatic display dollars over the next year will likely go to private marketplaces (PMPs) as fraud rises. After several Android targeted ad schemes, Android in-app PMP impression volume is up 58%, while the open market is down 16% year-over-year.
  4. APAC market offers massive opportunity for marketers in-app impressions tripled YOY. Some APAC advertisers are leapfrogging basic digital advertising altogether in favor of programmatic methods to realize better reach and target mobile-first customers.

Glean additional insights and region-specific analysis by downloading the full Q1 2019 QMI today.