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It’s Time For Media Companies To Meet The Streaming Video Moment

It’s Time For Media Companies To Meet The Streaming Video Moment

One of the biggest lessons of 2020 may be that consumers’ appetite for streaming content knows no limits. As we look forward, PubMatic has commissioned new research from Forrester Consulting to gauge the industry’s outlook for programmatic OTT in the year to come — giving practical insights and actionable data for publishers and buyers looking to reach consumers across this growing channel. 

Here’s just a sample of the findings from the study that you can download today:

  • The OTT opportunity: OTT ad revenue currently accounts for 30% of programmatic video revenue for US publishers with OTT strategies, according to Forrester Consulting. In the next 12 months, nearly 75% of the study’s respondents expect programmatic ad revenue from OTT content, either through mobile app or CTV, to grow more than other digital video channels. In contrast, less than half of respondents expect linear TV advertising revenue to increase.
  • The benefits of OTT advertising: Higher revenue is seen as a key benefit of a programmatic OTT strategy, cited by 42% of publishers; countering publisher concerns that revenue sharing and technology fees would lower returns. 41% of publishers cited benefits such as improved viewer experience and access to actionable data and insights to better target audiences. 
  • The obstacles to overcome: Nearly 75% of respondents are concerned about lower-quality advertisers potentially depressing valuable inventory. Nearly the same percentage of publishers are concerned about a lack of standardized measurement and audience control. Data security and privacy concerns are not far behind; roughly 70% of respondents are concerned about data leakage and poor security controls.

Be sure to download the report by Forrester Consulting and PubMatic and get ready to grow meaningful revenue and audience engagement in 2021.