We are excited to release the third in a series of three mobile point of view (mPOV) studies, “Crafting Mobile Moments: The Union Between Creativity and Automation.” The paper explains the challenges advertisers and publishers face when creating the perfect mobile moment, and a three-prong framework that explains how they can collaborate to overcome these obstacles:

  1. Getting Creative in Mobile Means Getting to the Point: It’s critical for advertisers to understand that mobile creative must be less intrusive than other formats, with clear and simple marketing messages.
  2. Data is the Key That Opens Mobile Creativity: In order to target the right consumers with these creative, data integration is key to identify audience profiles.
  3. A Mobile Ad Without a Scalable Platform is Merely a Message in a Bottle: The final step is executing this across a scalable, holistic platform that offers a simple UI, easy API integrations for data sources and the ability to serve any ad format (display, video, etc.) to any device (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.).