REDWOOD CITY, CA, September 10, 2019 – Premium digital advertising technology company, PubMatic, today announced that it is expanding OpenWrap, a first Prebid-based enterprise wrapper solution, to support OTT and CTV inventory. Building upon OpenWrap’s success on desktop, mobile and in-app, publishers can now programmatically monetize inventory in all major addressable channels, while benefiting from the transparency and control offered by an independent, open-source solution.

PubMatic has also announced that Frankly Media has adopted OpenWrap server-to-server support for its video and OTT inventory. Headquartered in New York and publicly traded on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange, Frankly Media’s multi-platform technology powers and monetises 1,200+ media properties across the United States, reaching over 80 percent of US households with more than 100 million monthly unique users.

Until now, multiple, disparate wrapper solutions have been required to implement header bidding across different channels and platforms. This has resulted in complexity, buying inefficiencies, inconsistent reporting, and lost monetization opportunities. Proprietary wrappers and header biding solutions from walled gardens further compound ecosystem challenges around transparency and control.

OpenWrap simplifies workflows by managing omni-channel programmatic inventory in a single wrapper. This allows publishers to better monetise all inventory, especially high value video and advanced TV assets. Additionally, PubMatic is introducing a range of fee models, allowing publishers to choose the option that best suits their business, be that revenue share or a platform-based license model.

“Solutions allowing publishers to sell more advertising, achieve greater revenues, remove complexities and gain better control through transparent workflows are essential to ensure a vibrant sell-side.” said Kevin Webb, SVP of Sales with Frankly Media. “Not only does this benefit publishers but it enables buyers to achieve what they are asking for – effective cross-channel targeted campaigns. It’s a classic win-win situation for both sides.”

With agencies and advertisers looking towards partner and platform consolidation to gain efficiencies and control, buyers are favouring single solutions that can deliver holistic audience and investment management. OpenWrap allows buyers to access premium audiences and brand safe supply across all addressable formats, enhancing reach and maximising OTS (Opportunity to See), resulting in improved audience targeting and media performance. This all helps drive increased buyer trust in digital advertising.

“Video advertising is a key driver of digital growth and we’re experiencing a 300% year-on-year rise in platform spend across video from our premium publishers,” comments Jonas Olsen, Vice President, Video at PubMatic. “Advertisers want to take advantage of the opportunities digital can deliver, especially for brand building. By doing away with the traditional complexities that have been holding back advertising, OpenWrap makes it easier to buy and sell quality inventory cross channel, allowing digital advertising, especially video advertising, to achieve its full potential.”